Jin Sakai of Ghost of Tsushima who survived the Mongol army attack and is ready to take revenge. Jin is an ultimate samurai who knows that if he is not strong, he can’t win against the Mongol army. The journey of Jin is quite long. He has to learn a lot of new skills and tactics to fight with his enemies. To liberate the Tsushima Island; Jin will have to put his entire strength on the line. While improving their skills, players will have the opportunity to earn several hidden trophies.

In the entire game, there are a total of 52 collectible trophies. Some trophies are easy to earn and some are acquired by completing tasks such as; defeating the Mongols in Standoff. Apart from these easily earned trophies, there are Ghost of Tsushima Platinum trophies. These trophies can make players feel like a legend, and that is why earning them is not as easy. However, we have some interesting tips to help you find and earn 12 hidden trophies.

Hidden Trophies

1. The Warrior Monk

In Ghost of Tsushima, 4 hidden trophies can earn through finishing the character Tales. You need to finish 9 Norio Tales to acquire the trophy. 

Note: You need to reach at least on Act 3 in Kamiagata before finishing the last Tale of Norio.

2. The Vengeful Warrior

There are a total of 9 Tales of Masako. To get the hidden trophy, you need to finish those 9 tales first. The last Tale of Masako will also remain locked until the player gets to the Kamiagata of Act 3.

3. The Unbending Warrior

Similar to the other trophies, the next trophy can be acquired by finishing all 9 Tales of Ishikawa. This time also, you need to find him in the Kamiagata of Act 3 before finishing the last Tale.

4. The Headstrong Thief

If you complete all Yuna Tales, you can have the 4th hidden trophy. There are a total of 4 Tales available.

5. Witness Protection

To get the “Witness Protection” hidden trophy, shoot at your enemy with an arrow when they are terrified. Improve your skills or use the poison darts in Act 2. Later on, find the Mongol who has dropped his weapon or has fallen on the ground, and shoot him.

6. Have a Nice Fall

This hidden trophy can be earned by defeating an enemy from adequate fall damage. To make this happen, firstly Jin has to learn the Typhoon Kick or Shoulder Charge and then look for an enemy on the mountain. Once you find the enemy on the mountain, bait it to the edge and send him to death by falling.

7. Den of Thieves

To get this hidden trophy, you just need to visit Umugi Cave, and then the main story of the game will take Jin to the right place.

8. Honor the Unseen

Possibly it is the hardest hidden trophy from the list in which players have to bow down 10 hidden altars that are scattered across Tsushima Island. These altars can’t be found on the map.

9. Lost and Found

For unlocking Lost and Found trophy, find 1 Pillar of Honor and get its sword kit. There are already many Pillars available so you might have to stumble around, but from Kaneda Inlet beach from Izuhara, it is easily accessible. 

10. Monochrome Masters

To get the Monochrome Masters hidden trophy, you need to buy items from White Dye and Black Dye merchants. Locate the Black Dye merchant at the cave of Toyotama southwest territory of the Urashima village. The White Dye merchant is located on a mountain in Izuhara territory.

11. Cooper Clan Cosplayer

To acquire the following hidden trophy, it is necessary to locate and let Jin wear the Gosaku Armor, Sly Tanuki Sword Kit, and Crooked Kama Headband. The Sly Tanuki Swordkit is located in Kamiagata region at the “Pillar of Honor” in the eastern cliff of Kin.

12. Dirge of the Fallen Forge [SPOILER]

To get this last hidden trophy, it is necessary to play “Lament of the Storm” at the grave of Taka. However, it can only be completed if you have completed Act 2 of the main story.

Note: Jin must catch a total of 5 Singing Crickets before learning the “Lament of the Storm” song.

These trophies play a major part in the game. There are already lots of trophies available in the game, but these are some vital trophies that need to be earned. Every different trophy requires a separate task to complete.

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