Did you get an error that does not let the ASUS PC from booting into Windows? You have been stopped in the UEFI display because of having an error code stating ‘Invalid signature detected. Check Secure Boot Policy in Setup’. This issue is not only faced by ASUS users. It can happen on any of the laptop brands.

There is nothing to worry about it. You just need to go through this blog carefully, and your problem will be solved immediately.

Change Boot Priority or remove an external drive

  1. Firstly, turn off Secure Boot Control.
  2. Then, turn on the CSM.
  3. Next, turn off Fast Boot.
  4. After that, put every button under Key Management to Not Installed.
  5. Lastly, turn off Driver Signature Enforcement.

Turn off Secure Boot Control

  1. Firstly, write BIOS.
  2. Then, go to the main option and use the arrow key for visiting the Security option, Authentication option, or else Boot option. You shall get the Secure Boot menu under any one of these options. By the down arrow key, choose the option, and tap Enter.
  3. Choose Secure Boot Control.
  4. Lastly, select Disabled.

Turn on CSM and turn off Fast Boot

  1. Firstly, search for the option of Fast Boot.
  2. Note that the Fast Boot option shall be placed under any of the given below options.
  3. Security
  4. Authentication
  5. Boot
  6. Then, choose the option.
  7. After that, tap on Enter.
  8. Next, click on Disable.
  9. Then, go through downwards for starting CSM.
  10. After that, press on Enabled.
  11. Next, move to the Save.
  12. Then, Exit the option.
  13. After that, choose Save Changes and Exit.
  14. Lastly, select ‘Yes’ for giving confirmation to the action.

Turn off driver Signature Enforcement

  1. Firstly you need to boot Windows 10 from the installation media to get the recovery environment.
  2. Then, tap Shift+F10 buttons on your keyboard as soon as the installation display is shown.
  3. For turning off the driver signature enforcement, write the mentioned below order in the window, then tap Enter after every single one:
  4. Bcdedit.exe –set loadoptions DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
  5. Bcdedit.exe –set TESTSIGNING ON
  6. Next, search and delete the unsigned drivers, which lead to the ‘Invalid signature detected’ error. To get it, you need to do the given below steps.
  7. Firstly, tap the Windows+R button of your keyboard for launching the Run dialog.
  8. Then, write sigverif in the text box.
  9. Next, tap on the OK/Enter button.
  10. After that, press the start option.
  11. Note that the scanning of your complete device shall start. Each of the unsigned drivers which are installed in the system shall be detected.
  12. Whenever the scan is done, you will be shown a list. Remove the issue creating drivers from the Device Manager.
  13. Next, get a signed version of drivers which is up to date.

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