The Internet is on an all-time rise. Businesses, social media, blogs, vlogs, videos are just a small segment of the internet traffic we see. People have realized that no matter what they want to market, the online market is much more important than the offline market, primarily because the offline markets and advertisement have a very limited reach. On the contrary, online content can be viewed by anyone who has an internet connection, no matter what country is their residence. Hence, it is of utmost importance to attract traffic to their pages. For this, the content needs to be of class-apart quality, interesting ideas and products, and user-friendly interface. 

 People frequently referring to your website creates an illusion that the content is good and reliable. But just good content does not mean good traffic. Creators or marketing teams have to follow certain steps to attract traffic. Patience plays a very vital part in all this as well. Listed here are some reasons why a website may not be receiving the desired amount of traffic:

  • No SEO by the creator

SEO refers to search engine optimization. Before becoming a host to a website, one must be well versed with the best and most minute ways to use keywords. Search engines search keywords from the search of the consumer in every document. It is how they determine the relevance of a document. For example, on YouTube, the search engine cannot possibly know what a video deals with. But it can read the title of the video, its file name and its description.

 If these details are filled with relevant keywords that match with what the user searched, the search engine will automatically show that specific video to the user. If the video has no description and a vague title, then no matter how relevant the video may be, the search engine will not show it as relevant to the topic in question. In turn, if your content is not visible to the users, there will be no traffic on your website. Compile a list of all the words that are most frequently used in people’s searches and incorporate those that are relevant to your website.

  • Incorrect headline

A creator’s job does not end when they create a webpage. One has to ensure that the webpage is self-explanatory with what it stands for. A vague title, no description and no point of contact with the host leaves the users confused and unconvinced. Your title and description are like your webpage’s first image for the user. Use a smart and catchy title with a detailed and precise description. Please make it so that the user feels curious and clicks on the website to know more. The easiest formula for this is *number* + *adjective* + *keyword* + *promise*.  For example “10 great diets that could help you drop up to 50 pounds”.

  • Lack of promotion

There is no denying that good content goes a long way in making a worthwhile website. Consistent posting will lead to the generation of decent and organic traffic on the website. But nothing is guaranteed on the internet because organic traffic cannot be relied on forever. Without a little publicity, you cannot expect the page to work for you magically. Invest some time and money in influencer marketing. Reach out to an industry’s influencer and try to seep into their audience for an enhanced market.

  • Bad website experience

If any website is designed in a way that does not let the user navigate easily, it is very off-putting. It will demotivate people to approach your website even if the content or product they are seeking is available on your webpage, and they will turn to some other webpage for it. Users prefer a hassle-free experience. Try to make the loading time not more than 3 seconds. Expect them to hit the back button. Keep in mind that a huge amount of users open webpages in their cellphones, so make it mobile-friendly as well.

  • Zero social media presence

Social media presence is a necessity for every marketing purpose. It is a big part of traffic generation, and people do not rely on google search only anymore. You can create a lot of awareness about your brand or your website via social media because people from every walk of like are present on some of the other social media platform. Take, for example, Reddit. There exist thousands of “subReddits” that gain a following of several followers at once. Be active and continuously communicate with the audience out there. Make sure your page catches people’s eye and that it generates a buzz amongst individual pages and groups alike.

David Maxwell is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.


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